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Who Else Wants A Simple System of Visual Trainers That Guarantees More Accurate Shots, Lower Scores and Eliminates Topped Shots , Miss Hits, and Bad Shots  ... For Free ? 

So now that you've tried out the Little Yellow Circle and hopefully had some success feeling what its like to keep your head still for putting , chipping , pitching and shorter Irons how would you like to try out the whole Igides GPS System ?


Just take a moment and send me a video testimonial of your experience with the Little Yellow Circle and in exchange for your doing me the favour I will send you a full set of Igides GPS (Golf Posture System) for FREE.  I'll also send you a free copy of my bestselling book on Amazon called "How to Keep Your Head Down" so you can really start to understand what the Circle is starting to teach you ...

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With the Full Set of Igides GPS you'll be able to track and reinforce correct body motion maintaining good golf posture throughout your swing and easily do this while playing on the course. You'll learn correct level rotation and have quick visual markers to help you always make a full backswing and shoulder turn and to stay down through the shot instead of coming up and out creating all sorts of miss hits. In fact your whole game will get better ... and quickly ;) 

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The Igides GPS Full system is really about 10x's more powerful than just the circle and it will dramatically help your whole swing and game. Later on, I will be charging around $50 for this so if you're at all interested please send in your video now . I'll also be including some additional bonuses to the golfers that help me out with this so don't miss out!  

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You can use the big orange button below to help you record your testimonial or just simply shoot a quick video on your phone and send it to me ;) . In any case all you need is your smart phone and a couple of minutes and I'll send your full set of Igides to you right away 

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