Keep Your Head Down and Improve Your Whole Golf
 Game Instantly!

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Why You'll Love This Circle:

- It will show you how to easily keep your head down for putting and chipping so you can dramatically lower your scores ... like today

- You'll learn how to turn your body properly (level) during the swing and why its important ... Tom Watson says its the Secret to great golf!

- You'll learn how to automatically create good posture and effortless golf swings

- You'll learn why "Keeping Your Head Down" without understanding what you’re really trying to do can ruin your swing

- No matter what level of player you are, you’ll benefit by using this new system

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“A Brilliant training aid. One of the best I have ever tried . It gave me confidence that I think will greatly assist me in the future. Thanks for the key which so successfully keeps the head down through the swing! Cherryl Van Bart - Review”

“Good idea., well thought out. I found it very helpful and well presented. Who knew?  The best ideas are often the most straightforward and simple - Peter Timmins Amazon Review”

Started 7 then 7 on a tough nine but finished in a blaze of glory with 6
straight pars and shot 43. Amazing! Then on the back my concentration lagged and it was hot (85 deg.) and I finished with a 49. 92 was pretty good! Only time in 2 1/2 months under 100. Need more practice but I have stopped the head sway on my backswing but I need to "keep it in the circle" after contact!
Thanks Ed for helping the competition!
Michal Charlinski

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