How to Use Your Stretch Bandit! 

Hey Gang ... this is a really simple training aid to make and you're going to love this! 
Buy 1.5 yards or meters of waistband elastic that is soft ( to the touch) and your preferred color  ... ideally 2 inches wide but 1.75 or 1.5 inches is ok ( whatever is conveniently available - the one i'm using in the video is 1.75" ) ... take 40" of your band and fold it in two creating a loop that is 20" inches in length overall ... then just sew dividing lines as marked below in bright green to give you the BEST STRETCH in GOLF ! 

This easily fits in your golf bag and can be used for a great stretch before every practice and every round .. it's in my bag already and will stay there  ... cost about $5 to make 😉 

Any questions just let me know ... j