Swing Bandit 5 in 1 Training System

replaces all 5 of these training aids below...

  •  Total if you were to buy these five (5) training aids separately to work on these key parts of your game?  $255-$580 …  the Swing Bandit will retail for only $29.95 (initially higher for TV / Infomercials likely ($49.95)

Training Aid #1

  • Teaches You How to get the “Best Stretch in Golf” (Not the most important stretch in golf which is trademarked ? $80 www.feelthestretch.com

Training Aid #2

  • Teaches You how to Release Your Club and Get Rid of Your Slice $60
  • www.perfectrelease.com
  • Training Aid #3

  • Teaches You how to Maximizing Your Lag and Get Rid of Casting for good $70
  • Training Aid #4

  • Teaches You Tempo for all parts of your game $20
  • Training Aid #5

  • Teaches you automatically to Swing Perfectly on Plane – Training Aids ranging in price from $25 to $350