The Swing Bandit is the newest training aid in the! family and it's definitely in the running as one of the best. Its the very best training I've ever used to help you learn an effortless release of the golf club and to put you perfectly on plane throughout your entire golf swing . It also is great at showing you how to conserve your angles in the downswing and allow you to hit straighter and much more powerful golf shots

If all that wasn't enough its also great at teaching you to calm down your wrists ... particularly your right wrist if your a right handed player ( or left if your left) hitting chip shots and pitch shots. Here's a quick demo showing you the Swing Bandit in action!  

Swing Bandit Instructional Use Videos 

How to Put Your Swing Bandit Together 

Swing Bandit Shopping List 

Here's a shopping list of the various items you'll need to buy to put your Swing Bandit together . Depending on what you have around home you may need to visit 3 separate stores Fabricland , Dollarama , and Home Depot / Lowes

Total Budget Approx $ 15.50  CAN

  • 1
    Knitted Elastic Banding 2" Width - 1.5 Yards / Meters  ( Fabricland / Fabric Store) Approximately $ 5   
  • 2
    Plastic Bag Clips (Dollarama $1.25)
  • 3
    All Purpose Plastic Ties ( Dollarama $1.25) 
  • 4
    Home Depot to buy 1" Harness Rings (Set of 4)  $4  
  • 5
    Home Depot  to buy either 3/8" Baby Snaps OR 2" Security Snaps OR 1/8" Quick Links ( You'll eventually want 4 or more of what ever type you pick but you can just buy a package of 2 to start )  Approx $ 4