The Easiest Way to Get Rid of Your Slice and
Swing Your Club On Plane ... By Far

Learning how you swing your club around you has to be one of the least intuitive feelings to learn. It just doesn't seem natural. When  I teach my students the idea that the club just simply swings around you they see me do it but have no easy way to really feel or build the same feeling. 

I was frustrated in teaching this and several years ago ... maybe ten in fact I came across a product called the Dream Swing by Clint Harper. You can see it pictured below. The product is at and there are numerous training videos on it available if you search YouTube using "dreamswing golf training aid".

Now I purchased a model and started to practice with it and immediately realized just how good it was at teaching this whole idea of swinging the club around you and more importantly on plane around you.

But like many training aids though,  a Dream Swing system is not inexpensive and I think it currently sells for $259 plus shipping. Being Mr. "diy" I had to design a comparable system to help all of my students including you  learn the feeling of swinging around you instead of manipulating the club. The design had to be inexpensive and simple to make but still deliver great results!

I think I've done that.  The original version that I made some ten years ago is even easier to make now although a little more expensive but I think you'll really like it. It has also gone through a bit of a redesign to make it even more effective. 

Key Assembly Ideas

The Swing Plane Trainer is easily made. The Pipe itself is 55 1/2 inches long ( don't ask me how I arrived at that measurement but it just works 😉 If possible buy a 5 foot length pipe but even if you can only get a 10 foot section its still very inexpensive. The pipe is CPVC . Simply run a 1/4 " inch nylon braided rope or 3/8" Nylon Braided Rope ( which ever you find easiest to buy) through the 1/2 " CPVC piping and tie a knot on either end ( tight to the end) .  I just bought some rope ( 1/4")  from Home Depot and got 7 feet for 59 cents a foot. You probably only really need 6 feet to do the job.  

Once you've done that you need to take your Velcro strips and cut one to 5 inches in length and another to 11 inches in length.  Notice that I've cut the ends of each Velcro strip in a V so that its easy to insert the end through the opening in the Velcro strip.

With the end of the Pipe that I attach to the Deck Fencing ( the 11 inch Strip) I've attached the strip to the rope inside the knot using a plastic tie and then trimmed the end of the rope and the plastic tie.  

With the end of the pipe that I attach to each club I've made another knot 3" inches from the knot holding the pipe and then attached the 5 inch Velcro strip using another plastic tie and then trimmed the rope and plastic tie. 

Also note how I've added an elastic band just below the grip ( where the grip ends and shaft begins) as I've found this is an easy way to prevent the Velcro from drifting down your shaft as you swing and practice your plane.

Pipe End with 11" Velcro that anchors to your Deck or Fence

Pipe End with 5" Velcro that holds each club - note the Key 3" inch gap between knots here 

Note the Elastic Band holding the Velcro from sliding down the shaft

Pipe anchored to deck with 11" Velcro Strip

Fully Assembled Swing Plane Trainer

The SPT is fantastic at teaching you how to have a smooth arc putting stroke with no manipulation of your hands and wrists ... give it a try ... you wont regret it! 

Swing Plane Trainer Parts List

1/2" CPVC Pipe ( usually available in 10' lengths) 

3/8" Nylon Braided Rope

Plastic Ties from the Dollar Store

 Velcro Strips 23" x 7/8"