Golf Instruction Is Broken #@% !

Really ...

The golf swing is waaayyy simpler than the way you're being shown or taught by 95% of the golf instruction and golf teachers out there right now whether that's on YouTube or in person lessons ... 

When I can take an absolute beginning golfer and have them swinging or throwing their driver and hitting pretty effortless shots one handed in their first lesson why are you making your effort to learn a good golf swing more complicated than that?

Now it’s not like new students to the school are hitting 300-yard bombs right away but what they do experience is an almost effortless child like way of thinking about the golf swing motion as a throw and an easy game to play like we’re 10 years old again

Can you think about your golf game like you're 10 again?

It’s a serious question   I often joke with students that we may both have university degrees but I promise you I’m NOT using it to work on my swing or play golf!

At the Just Throw It School we work hard at helping you find your natural athletic childlike throwing motion and help you learn it way faster than traditional instruction by using a number of diy training aids you can easily inexpensively make and practice with “behind the scenes” at home perhaps while your barbequing chicken or a burger or on a zoom call at the office ;)

The more correct repetitions of the right move you make the quicker your body will learn your natural throwing motion without you having to be dependent on ANY golf pro.

  • You’ll find easy new ways to think about feeling a weight shift in your swing
  • You’ll find new easy ways to help you get rid of your slice if that’s something you’re battling
  • You’ll find a completely new way of controlling your posture so you stop hitting shots thin or coming out of your shot / throw
  • You’ll find simple no bs answers to all of your swing issues ... I promise

I challenge you to find your "10 year old self "and come and see just how simple your golf swing can be!

Remember … Just Throw It!

Just Throw It Golf SchoolExcellentJust Throw It Golf School5.0 Based on 20 reviews fromSee all reviews review us onJonathan CoeJonathan Coe ★★★★★ Jack is an incredible golf coach. He helped address some foundational aspects of my golf swing and the results have been amazing. He's clear and explains things in a way that's easy to understand and address. Super highly recommend!!!!!R RoyceR Royce ★★★★★ I am a 71 year old high handicap. Jack is a very skilled instructor. His teaching methods make learning and practice enjoyable and addictive. Cured my slice in 10 minutes and in 5 lessons added 30 yards to my driver 10 yards+ to my irons. My accuracy has improved greatly. Try him. You will stop looking for instructorsLynn NicolLynn Nicol ★★★★★ Jack Taylor ( aka… inspector gadget), is an amazing instructor and I’ll tell you why. He has taken, not just myself but many beginner golfers and turned them into golfers who can play golf and feel confident and happy about their resultsFrom his unique home design instruction boards, which teach you timing, and weight distribution, to his driver taped with a metal ruler and duct tape, that teach you to let it go or relinquish control, as I see it. Or his special rope with a noodle on the end, teaching you how to whip it, and his knowledge combing physics with mind body control. There isn’t anyone out there that can teach golf better than him. He’s been on the pro tour and his love for teaching was greater than his competitive passion. Jack is there for you! When he’s not booked you can always find him helping new golfers at the driving range.My drives are much longer and my chipping and putting are really good as wellListen to what he has to say and you will be driving over 140 as a woman and 250-300 as a man within a very short timeThank you Jack. Always great to learn from youPeter AgatiPeter Agati ★★★★★ Jack was #1. This was my first golf lesson and I was able to adjust all my bad habits without getting frustrated. Jack’s easy going nature and “just have fun with it” approach has already improved my score and love of the game.paul Basrapaul Basra ★★★★★ This was my first time taking a golf lesson and I’m thankful to have Jack Taylor as my instructor. He’s very patient, knowledgeable and explains everything so you actually understand how the swing works. I purchased 5 lessons, I’ve only done 2 so far and I notice a huge difference in my golf game. I learned the swing and my shots are going straight which was always an issue. I’m looking forward to continuing this progress. I highly recommend taking a lesson with Jack.Eiichi MurakamiEiichi Murakami ★★★★★ Jack is a fantastic and experienced golf instructor. His love for the game and teaching style help make the learning experience a lot of fun. His methods are simple, but also powerful enough to make improvements to your game at any skill level. I would highly recommend taking his classes, it was the easiest and best decision I’ve ever made.tan tanakatan tanaka ★★★★★ So I've been golfing for a few years now.did a few lessons along the way, with three different instructors..still wasn't comfortable with my i made a promise to myself..the end of last season, that I'll be seeking one more i went browsing and found Jack..after a few messages back and forth...we finally decide to meet for a lesson..what a difference it makes for me..i learned so much in one hour with I'm feeling much better with my game..after lots of practice and a couple rounds..not done with Jack yet tho..still have a few things to work I'll be seeing you very soon life saver..thanks so much Jack..ErrolResponse from the ownerHey Errol .. I'm very glad you decided to give it one last try ;) .. golf can be a very challenging game to learn … especially with ALL of the contradictory sources of information and tips out there not to mention YouTube. As you've discovered the simpler and more relaxed you can get the better you play. We're playing a game which really amounts to nothing more than throwing a ball just like we're kids again ;) I look forward to helping you get even better and really enjoying the "game"! Never give up .. Never surrender ( From Galaxy Quest (movie) I think! ) q tseq tse ★★★★★ Jack is a wonderful instructor! He has many years of experience coaching beginners/no experience to advanced/golf touring levels, at any age. I love his passion for the sport and shares it with those he’s instructing. No fluff, easy to work with, and legit wants you to improve as much as possible. Whither you’re looking for 10 lessons or 1, I highly recommend Jack! Check him out and you’ll see improvement.Response from the ownerThanks for the kinds words Q ;) .. its fun watching you learn a good golf swing and I love the look of determination on your face! Great and fun golf games ahead … can't wait to see it! Virginia AmidjinovVirginia Amidjinov ★★★★★ JACK IS INCREDIBLE!!!!!My first golf lesson and I couldn’t be happier with my results. Jack is incredibly professional, patient, kind and has a great sense of humor.Jack made me feel super comfortable the whole time! I highly recommend his services to anyone and everyone. 10/10 would definitely recommend and cant wait for my next lesson!Response from the ownerThanks Virginia .. really appreciate the kinds words and really looking forward to the friendly competition ahead ;) .. and see … I told you I'd get your Driver working first session! .. keep up the great work ! .. jack Lea CLea C ★★★★★ Jack is an absolutely great golf instructor! His passion, knowledge, and expertise of the game are undeniable, but what makes him unique are his fun teaching tools and is his ability to communicate concepts in a way that are easy to understand and apply immediately.He is so patient, always willing to answer my questions, and while as a beginner this sport can be rather challenging and sometimes frustrating, Jack is great at keeping things light and making you laugh constantly!I highly recommend Jack to anyone looking to improve their golf skills!Response from the ownerThanks very much Lea .. it's a lot of fun teaching you and your Dad. If you both work a little bit behind the scenes on your new board etc. you'll be great golfers .. I'm just not spotting you any strokes though! (jk) .. keep on workin ;) (u) jack Tristan JoyceTristan Joyce ★★★★★ Jack is the best, he helped me as a beginner golfer start to develop great feel of my shots. He gave me the confidence to believe in my game and continues to help improve on the smaller aspects of my game. I would highly recommend Jack to anyone at any stage of their golf game!Response from the ownerHey Tristan, thanks so much for the kind words … focus on "Just Throwing It!" and we'll gradually smooth out the smaller rough spots in your swing and game... lots of fun and enjoyable golf ahead .. see you soon again on the lesson tee .. (u) jack George MargieGeorge Margie ★★★★★ I’ve had the privilege of learning from Jack who has completely transformed my golf swing.First and foremost, Jack’s patience and dedication to his students his truly remarkable. Jack understands golf can be a challenging sport and takes the time to break down each aspect of a golf swing in a way that is easy for anyone to understand. His humour and calm demeanour helped to build my confidence and made every lesson enjoyable.What sets Jack apart from others I’ve seen on YouTube, Instagram, or anywhere else on the internet is his refreshing approach to training. Unlike some instructors who rely heavily on expensive training aids, Jack prioritized simplicity and uses everyday inexpensive basic household objects to help develop his students golf swing.Jack firmly believe that the fundamentals of golf can be grasped by anyone, and reinforces the idea that a swinging a club is as easy as throwing a ball.If you’re looking for a coach who will transform your swing, I still confidence, and make golf as easy as throwing a ball, I wholeheartedly recommend Jack!Response from the ownerThanks for the kind words George. They're very humbling. I love your commitment and thank you for trusting me with your swing and improving your game. Lets keep working ;) John GuerraJohn Guerra ★★★★★ Amazing teacher, great drills, easy and fun to converse with and his demonstration are easy to understand and duplicate…. Your game will improve after 1st lesson!Response from the ownerThx John ! Look forward to helping your boys become better golfers so they can beat you ( not right away ) .. maybe ;) Christina LombardiChristina Lombardi ★★★★★ I recently had the pleasure of meeting Jack and starting lessons with him. I’ve never played golf before, and despite feeling very intimidated, Jack made me feel extremely comfortable and at ease. He definitely has a passion for teaching. Jack keeps things light and fun. We have lots of laughs together! I really look forward to my weekly lesson. I highly recommend Jack for golfers of any ability.Response from the ownerThanks Christina .. I love teaching you and look forward to you really enjoying golf ;) Luciano SestitoLuciano Sestito ★★★★★ Just two lessons with Jack and knocked five strokes off my score!!!Great teacher!! But don’t take my word for it go and try and see for yourself!!Response from the ownerThanks Luciano … Its been fun watching your game improve and I very happy you have a much more positive relationship with BUNKERS! ;) moe sahamimoe sahami ★★★★★ After hours of fruitless searching on YouTube for solutions to my golf swing, I stumbled upon Jack, who miraculously resolved my issue within the first half of our initial session. Jack's extensive knowledge aside, what truly sets him apart is his exceptional teaching ability and knack for using relatable analogies to simplify the lessons. I am incredibly grateful to have crossed paths with him as he has transformed the game of golf into a truly delightful experience for me. Heartfelt thanks to you, Jack!Response from the ownerThank You Moe! I'm glad I could help you simplify your thinking about a golf swing (NO More Youtube !) . If you're not throwing it you're over thinking it ;) Looking forward to helping you get even better and thanks for your commitment and trust. Anndre SilvaAnndre Silva ★★★★★ Jack is the best coach and I love how communicative he is and how engaged he is with every movement performed. Will be using Jack as long as I can :)Response from the ownerHey Anndre .. really appreciate the kind words and I love your passion to learn... it drives me to teach as well ;) Lets get to work! ( in a fun way ) Luigi CostaLuigi Costa ★★★★★ I have been working with Jack for 3 summers now and he has helped improve my game significantly! I have referred friends to him and he has helped them as well. Jack is fantastic!!!Response from the ownerThanks for the review Luigi . It's been fun to watch your improvement and I also really appreciate you referring your friends. Keep up the good work .. lower scores ahead ;) Adam LewisAdam Lewis ★★★★★ Jack is probably the best golf coach I have had the chance of working with. He clearly lives and breaths golf. Serious passion about the game and it transpires in his approach to teaching. After my first lesson with him I called him to let him know that I had finally had some one that taught me something that resonated with me. My game has changed for the better ever since. Highly recommend booking a lesson with this guy if you are passionate about golf and want to improve your game. Cheers Jack and see you on the short grass!!Response from the ownerHey Adam ... really appreciate the kind words and thank you for trusting me with your game. Its incredibly rewarding for me to see a new student like you ( and now new friend) start performing and hitting shots they've always wanted to but just couldn't quite do. With your commitment and hard work behind the scenes I wouldn't be surprised if there is a club championship in your very near future ;) Ken LoKen Lo ★★★★★ Have been working with Jack for the past few years, he is one of the best I have worked with. One of the few who actually makes sure you are doing the right stuff to improve.Response from the ownerThanks for the review. I have and continue to really appreciate the opportunity to create and shape your new swing from where you started ... great golf ahead ;) js_loader