Hey, I'm Jack Taylor and I've been a golf teacher for over 30 years now and in that time , I've taught 10's of thousands of lessons with a wide range of golfers from beginners to scratch players. Over the years I've created numerous inexpensive d-i-y training aids in an effort to help students FEEL a good golf swing so that they can learn way faster. The Golf Swing is just a Throw and I've taken many students on their first lesson and had them hitting balls well one handed with their drivers making a throwing motion. If whatever you're trying to change or learn in your golf swing is more complicated than a throw , please stop and call me! 

My best selling Golf Book on Amazon published in 2013. It has sold over 20,000 copies! ( A real best seller status)

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This starting concept (which really didn't cover much of what I learned later) helped me develop the much more effective Igides GPS system that you can learn more about here .. just click on the Igides Logo 

Where It all started for me 28 years ago!