Adam Lewis Testimonial May 2023

"I just wanted to call and say thanks so much because everything you were showing me today just makes absolute complete sense. I've never seen my neighbour with your tips hit the ball so well!"

Update June 2nd 2023 - Adams 321 Yard Drive!

Krish Nair Phone Testimonial 

"I shot a 79!!! Playing from the Whites - Lights Out Putting I DID IT! Thank You .. Thank You Very Much !!!"

Don Inglis Phone Testimonial

"I'm so excited I just had to call you. I have no idea how far I hit my irons anymore. I just played a 520 yard par 5 with Driver - 6 Iron! .. that's right ...  a 330 yard drive!. I'm just in a state of shock with how far I'm hitting the ball... thanks Jack! "

Ray Belair Phone Testimonial 

"Jeez Guys - I can't believe how straight you hit your ball. I hit most greens and only had one bad hole - I got to the 8th tee box and I was shooting level par for the round! "

Dave Pinsent Phone Testimonial 

"I wanted to thank you - 85! I shot today. First time I've ever shot in the 80's and its absolutely fantastic ... thanks very much!"

Jim Houghton Phone Testimonial 

"Just wanted to say thanks. My buddy couldn't believe how good I was hitting greens, and he really couldn't believe how much I had learned from you. You've knocked 15 or 20 strokes off of my game. It's absolutely amazing and I feel so much better … thanks again Jack! "

Veronica Alexander Phone Testimonial 

" I'm calling you today to say that I'm so happy I took lessons from you once again! "

"It’s easy to learn from him and I already see it worth whatever money he wants to charge me! I 100% vouch for Jack"


John's Testimonial about my teaching and a new training aid I've invented called the Automatic SliceBuster 2022

"Just like you say it’s automatic and helps you finish your follow through. I like swinging the iron and driver and you automatically feel the difference. I felt it right away with my swing path and follow through."

"I've been working with Jack for a little over a year now. I've been able to fix most of my bad habits, gain a lot more control, and a lot more solid contact."

Larry Marno
Wed, Aug 31, 2016 5:05 pm

Hello Jack ... just wanted to thank you again for rescuing me .... 6 months ago I had seriously considered packing it all in. Your introduction to "swinging" the club vs hitting the ball" brought me back to the game with more enthusiasm than I've have for the past 5 years.

Witness: after our swing lesson on Sunday, I played Granite Ridge for the second time. ( previously , several weeks earlier I played from the Forward tees because I had been unable to hit par fours in regulation and hence was losing my confidence and enthusiasm for the game. In that round I had made only 2 pars in 18 holes) This week I made 8 pars and 1 birdie in the first 11 holes, PLAYING FROM THE WHITE TEES !!!! I had to quit after 16 because my legs had no gas left ... but wow! what a great feeling!  Tomorrow I play the 9 hole course at Lambton.... I think we may be on to something that might become permanent! Bless You, my child Lar 

Larry Marno

When I first met Jack he saw me on the driving range and decided to give me a few pointers.   It was opposite of what I thought was the right way to hit a golf ball.  I thought “is this guy a Golf Pro”?  So many Golf Pros have an air of them being God's gift to Golf and they talk down to you.   Jack is very approachable and Jack treats you like a friend.

     Well I went away and decided to find out if he was right.  I turned on the TV and watched whether the PGA players were doing what Jack said I should do.   To my surprise he was right, so I decided to start taking lessons from Jack.  Taking lessons has showed me that Jack is a great teacher.  He teaches very visually and has designed some teaching aids you can make yourself.

     I know I'm getting better because my friends have noticed.  I am hitting the ball so much further than before and I know I can increase it further.   My nephew says I am "wrecking the ball”.  He was impressed (I was surprised as well) on one particular short par 4 when I hit the ball 30 yards from the green.  Prior to lessons I wasn't anywhere near that close. 

     Lessons have lengthened the distance my long clubs hit.  Lessons have made me more consistent.   Lessons have not made me a PGA Pro, but Jack has taught me how to analyze what I am doing wrong.  Jack has also taught me to just enjoy the game instead of focusing on the score card.   One bad shot would mess me up for a few holes.

      Jack's motto is that Golf is just like “throwing a ball” and his lessons show you why.  I have been very happy with the lessons I have received from Jack, and recommend that you take some lessons with Jack.

Mike Milvan 

More Testimonials ...

"If he can teach me to get the ball off of the ground, the sky's the limit!"
Jean Drain

"Turn Off the Golf Channel Academy? Put down that book on putting techniques. If you really want to get a handle on this game check out Jack Taylor's Just Throw It Program. My game went from "nowhere" to "just-a-little-bit-better than nowhere" and I had a great time getting there! I found Jack and his staff to be knowledgeable, relaxed, and enthusiastic teachers."
Jerry Organ

" If you're searching for a simpler way to learn to golf this is it!
Jim Daw

"Jack's practical approach to teaching, along with his sense of humor and knowledge of the game of golf, have helped my game immensely. Thanks Jack for developing my swing and teaching me the easy way to play golf and have fun!"
Lita Pleau

"The greatest thing that I have learned from Jack Taylor is how to "feel" the perfect swing. His methods easily break down the swing to levels that are easy to understand and physically feel. This simplicity makes my practice time and game more productive. I shot my best round this year and I owe it all to Jack!"
Murray Snyder

"When I first started playing golf, my main focus was hitting the ball hard. I tried for 3 years and still my swing and game was not up to par. I enrolled in a series of one-hour classes and I must say things have not been the same. Within one month, my approach to golf had changed. His teachings are simple and to the point. I have met many golf pros over the years and none of them has the skill set, training method and vision that Jack has. I am so pleased with his teaching methods that I am willing to reimburse anyone taking his courses if they do not improve their game! Further to this, I enrolled my 14-year-old nephew who never golfed before. Now he hits and plays like someone playing for several years."
Roy Singh

"I've been playing golf for over 20 years, but it was not until I started with Jack that I truly learned the feeling of an effortless, natural swing. I realize now that it is effortless power and not powerful effort that causes the ball to travel farther and straighter. Keep up the good work, Jack!"
D'Arcy McGoey

"Before I met Jack, I didn't know what was wrong with my swing. Jack turned my whole game around. It was so easy. In just 5 lessons, I was hitting consistently on target. I love Jack Taylor!"
Denise Robertson

This testimonial below is from a student that I have never met in person but who I've been coaching online for several years ....

Important Testimonial Disclaimer: The testimonials above are from emails we have received, comments left on our site, surveys and other conversations with actual customers. However these results should not be viewed as “typical.” Your results will depend on numerous factors including the quality and amount of your practice, your current ability level, as well as other factors.