March 1, 2018


I was in the middle of a lesson the other day and there was a golfer practicing next to the lesson using a new training aid system that got my curiosity up. I had a brief chat with the golfer to find out what he was using to “help” him with his swing and he enthusiastically told me it was a Zepp Golf Training Aid like the one pictured below. It measures the most important aspects of your swing: club speed, club plane, tempo, back swing length and more. As he was hitting shots he had his smart phone positioned between his legs and after every shot he would look down and see his results

Now from my position what I was watching was a swing with no visible weight shift , a loss of posture and mostly a violent swipe at the ball with the ball going everywhere. Now don’t get me wrong here …I’m not criticizing the golfer or his efforts to get better but you could learn to get better at your swing with much simple training aids – most made at home that would immediately show you and help you feel weight shift , better posture , and hitting the ball on target long before this Zepp swing system ever will. That’s true for the bulk of the other swing app and training systems you wear. From my point of view if a training aid doesn’t “show and tell you” what to feel in a golf swing and help you repeat that both in practice and under the pressure of a game or competition its pretty useless.

As golf addicts we all have to be careful to not get sucked into the idea that some new fangled gadget has all the solutions for our swing and also not buy into the idea that getting an expensive training system in and of itself will solve all of our swing issues.

My two cents! ??

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